So you've read a basic explanation of how freebiejeebies works, but maybe your a bit confused about certain bits. Well hopefully after reading this page and watching the video you'll have a good understanding about how freebiejeebies works.

Step One: Sign Up
First, select the free gift you want to receive for free. In this case, I have chosen the iPod Shuffle 4GB which requires 3 referrals to get for free. After you have done this, enter your email address into the email box, below where it says sign up now and click the go button.

You will then be asked to confirm your email is correct, enter a password and to enter your full name and address.  This information is never sold to third parties and is only used to check that you don’t make multiple accounts with freebiejeebies, as this is not allowed and also so freebiejeebies can send you your free gift!  You also need to agree to the freebiejeebies terms and conditions which explains the rules clearly.

You are not allowed to sign up more than once in the same house, or using the same IP address (internet connection). If you do this and try to hack or scam freebiejeebies, you will not receive your free gift; I don’t want this to happen to you.

Step Two: Complete An Offer
For step two, once you have verified your email address and clicked the link in your email, press continue and you will be greeted with this page or something similar. As you can see to the right of the red cross, it says ‘’You have not yet completed an offer, you only need to complete 1 offer below.’’ It’s as simple as that.

I recommend the Lovefilm offer which is the first offer on the left in this screenshot. To complete the Lovefilm 2 week free trial, click on the Lovefilm banner and you will be taken to their website. You will then need to sign up and start the 2 week free trial. You need to add at least 10 DVD’s into your list, this is so at least one of them will be available for you to rent.  The Lovefilm trial is no obligation too. Visit the offers page to see the best offers on freebiejeebies.

Once you have successfully completed your offer, you will see the above image. If you have any problems with completing your offer however, contact freebiejeebies support and they will help you the best they can.

Step Three: Refer Friends

Once you have completed your offer you will then need to refer your friends to complete one offer under your unique referral link which is on the ‘’refer friends’’ page on the freebiejeebies website. The amount of referrals required, depends on how expensive the free gift you want is. For example the iPod Shuffle 4GB, will require 3 referrals but a Nintendo Wii will require 9 referrals.

Step Four: Order you gift and wait for it to arrive!

As you can see above, I have completed the GameDuell offer, which is now no longer on freebiejeebies. I have also gained 9 referrals and I only need 3 referrals for my iPod Shuffle 4GB. The remaining 6 referrals will not be used, and I can use these referrals for another gift. Once I press the verify button, freebiejeebies will check that all of my referrals are legit and that I have not tried to scam them, then if all is ok, they will order my free iPod Shuffle 4GB and deliver it to my door!

So how can freebiejeebies afford to give away free gifts?
You probably want to know how the money is made here, and how freebiejeebies can give away free gifts and still end up with a profit. Well here is the explanation.
You: Try a free trial such as the Lovefilm 2 week free trial.

Lovefilm or another offer company: Pay freebiejeebies a £25 referral commission for you completing your offer.

Your friends you refer: They also try the Lovefilm offer, and again freebiejeebies gets paid £25 for each referral that completes an offer.
Your iPod Shuffle 4GB requires 3 referrals so £25 for each of your referrals, plus £25 for your offer completion means that freebiejeebies get £100.
Your iPod Shuffle 4GB costs around £60. So freebiejeebies then keep the £40 profit.
And that’s how it works!
Please remember to read the rules when you sign up.

To get started now, click on the image below!

All Freebiejeebies sites are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. They will keep your details safe and you will never receive any unwanted email!