When I first found out about freebiejeebies, it was the proof pictures and videos from major news companies that convinced me that it was real and worked. So I've put together a small collection of proof pictures of the free gifts that members of eXceem have received recently, along with my own proof pictures.


It is also a good idea if you go and visit the eXceem forums. Exceem is a UK based forum which has thousands of members posting about the free gifts they receive each and every day. With nearly £250,000 worth of free gifts claimed in less than 5 years from exceem members! Below is a live feed of the I Got My Free Item section of exceem where members post what gifts they have received for free, click on the feed to be taken to each thread where you can see the proof for yourself.


How am I doing?


The small banner below shows my progress on freebiejeebies. I am currently working towards a £50 iTunes Voucher.



Green Numbers: Completed Referrals


Purple Numbers: Pending Referrals


Red Numbers: Referrals Needed For Gift



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